How to brand your business on a tiny budget

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Uncovering your brand purpose

Get Maximum Exposure With Minimal Cost

1. Identify the Purpose of Your Brand

Having a purpose can mean the difference between success and failure, or the difference between turning a large profit and barely scraping by. 

When asking yourself this question, you need to go beyond simple answers like “I want to sell my product,” or “I want to make money.”  

Huge brands like Apple and Nike have a clear and strong purpose behind their branding: 

  • Apple sells computers, phones, and tablets, but its purpose is to empower creativity and self-expression.
  • Nike’s purpose is to “unite the world through sport to create a healthy planet, active communities and an equal playing field for all.”

A crucial part of branding is communication, and without a clear purpose, you won’t be able to communicate with your audience on a level they relate to. Do you think Nike would be so successful if they didn’t have such a strong brand purpose? 

Uncovering your brand purpose

Answer these 3 key questions to uncover the true purpose of your brand. The last question is the most important one, so take your time! 

1. What does your brand do?

2. How does your brand do it?

3. Why does your brand do it?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll have defined your brand’s purpose, which will help you showcase that special thing that makes you unique and what customers can expect when they interact with you.

Do Your Own Homework

From creating a simple Facebook poll to doing extensive keyword searches, there is a bunch of (free!) ways to figure out who your audience is and get inside their minds.

Here are a few recommended tools to get you started:

  • Keywords Everywhere – A free keyword research tool that provides search volume and CPC information on any keyword you want. This is a great way to pin down the things your target audience is searching for – i.e. the need you’re trying to solve.
  • Facebook Analytics – Shows you all sorts of demographic information about your current users, like their ages, genders and country of residence.
  • KeySurvey – Allows you to create your own surveys and gain consumer-driven insights.
  • US Census Data Tools – Helps you gauge how many people you can expect to reach with your business’s product or service.
  • Social Mention – Tracks and analyses any subject you choose through 100 social media networks, and shows you every instance in which it’s mentioned.
  • Statistic – Provides valuable statistics and graphs on over 600 industries.Find your buying persona, understand their needs, and see how you can help them solve problems.With your research done, you can tweak the design elements of your brand to fit your audience’s demands.

Create a Great Logo Without a Designer

There are all sorts of reasons why a logo is important to your brand, and it’s one of the first things you should nail down after starting a business.

But, instead of doling out thousands of ₹ to a graphic designer like a large corporation would, you can design your business logo with a logo generator – for a price equivalent to buying a cup of coffee.

A logo generator will use the name and purpose of your business to create a unique, memorable logo that’s based on your design preferences.

Also, what’s nice about using a logo generator is that it gives you the ability to take full creative control; you can always edit the fonts, colours, and icons of your logo to get a final product that you love without going over your budget.

Use a Website Builder Maximum Exposure With Minimal Costs

Once again – two points for the internet.

Gone are the days that you have to all but sell your firstborn to afford a developer who will create a website for you; thankfully, you can now use an online website builder to get a professional-looking website up and running in under a day.

It’s just our luck, too, because this isn’t a step you can skip – every brand needs a website, whether as a source from which to sell products or just as a way to prove that you run an established, legitimate business.

Past research shows that close to 100% of consumers look online first when searching for products or services, so you’d better hope to have a site that represents your business.

Also, when your customers want information about your brand, the first place they’ll go is your website (or social media – but we’ll get there in a minute).

Have a Strong Identity Maximum Exposure With Minimal Costs

All of this focus on design should be working towards one goal: Creating a durable brand identity.

Your brand doesn’t need bells and whistles to be powerful – many of the best brands don’t rely on expensive gimmicks and stunts.

Instead, they’re successful because they communicate their companies’ goals, values, and mission in a clear way.

Spend time thinking about what you want your brand to say.

Does your company sell outdoor goods? How can your brand best convey a love for adventure?

Consider how every part of your brand will communicate your larger message, and how customers will perceive the value.

By working with a clear focus and striving towards a specific goal, you can cheaply build a brand identity equivalent to one that costs many companies millions.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

The 21st century has given brands one of the most useful tools available—social media.

As there are literally billions of people that use social media, these platforms offer young brands a free and easy way to connect to their audiences and build loyalty.

A Facebook page, for example, is a wonderful place to showcase your brand personality and increase follower engagement.

There are so many ways to use social media to increase brand awareness, like creating fun competitions that encourage customers to share, or making maximum exposure with minimal costs Facebook ads that are tailored to a specific demographic.

(See why that market research comes in handy?)

And, if you feel like social media isn’t really your thing, you can use a social media manager to automate the process for you; a post scheduler will help you design and plan posts so you don’t need to think about it in your day-to-day.

Take Advantage of Email Marketing

Probably the only thing used more than social media is email.

All you have to do is click the “Send” button, and you have direct communication with thousands of customers at a time.

Whether you’re running a promotion or selling a new product, email marketing is an easy way to let your customers know what’s going on in your company – with minimal effort.

There are many email marketing services for small businesses that cost next to nothing, such as maximum exposure with minimal costs

  • MailChimp
  • ActiveCampaign
  • GetResponse
  • AWeber
  • ConvertKit
  • Sendloop
  • Emma

Create Valuable Content

Creating content is a sound long-term investment, and the only thing it costs you is time.

Articles, guest blog posts, educational videos, and other long-form texts can give you a broader brush with which to paint your brand – generating brand awareness in the process of maximum exposure with minimal costs.

But more importantly, good content lets your target audience respect you as an authority; you can answer customers’ questions, bring them educational videos, and give them the advice that makes them trust your brand.

Also, creating content gives you an opportunity to collaborate with other companies in your industry, granting you more exposure through their viewers.

So if you don’t have a blog – start one! It’s a key strategy for organic marketing; your target audience will be searching for the information you provide, and reading your blog could give them their first exposure to your brand.

Over to You

Without a clear branding plan and guidelines, you’ll never gain the recognition you need for your business to succeed. 

Try to create trust, boost your credibility, and make your brand the one that people remember and turn to. 

Want to look like a pro from the start? You can create your entire brand from the ground up with Tailor Brands!

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